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Bio Diesel (High Speed Diesel) B-20

Marine Fuel Oil (MFO-1)

Marine Diesel Fuel
Welcome to PT. Landasindo Sahu Baruna Jaya

The recent growth in world oil prices has made the oil market more competitive as an energy source, oil cannot be replaced with other energy. These resources make the oil market in Indonesia increasingly dynamic.

This opportunity further encourage us to further focus and concentrate on doing business in the field of Oil Fuel.

We are very confident that experience in the field of service and maintenance of Oil Fuel is able to compete in order to meet market needs and provide the best to customers, in both quality, quantity and timely delivery as claimed in our motto "...think bunker? we do better..."

Office Address

Graha SISTRACO, 3 floor
Jl. Perak Barat No.75
Surabaya 60177, Jawa Timur Indonesia.
+62 31 357 3036 (Hunting)
+62 31 353 9972
+62 31 353 9973
+62 31 357 3037
..think bunker?
         we do better..
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